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Get your products discovered

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Get Privileged Product Insights

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Get Your Products Reach the Right Audience

Tote's showcasing algorithm matches users' preferences to the products' characteristics to show each

user their preferences

Have your products exposed to the right shoppers 

who would be interested in clothes like yours!  

Boost your sales by creating a new Distribution Channel through an easy and costless integration 

Develop a new audience who might not be aware of your brand, yet. 


A Novel & Effective Way of Understanding Consumer's Taste

Tote not only measures how aligned your products are with the consumer's taste, but also understands the reason behind it.

Learn which products are in 

demand by which segments. 

Boost your sales by having a better understanding of your products' demand and improve your decision making process.

Optimize the set of attributes that will appeal to your target segment.

By knowing which items are best

and worst sellers, you will be able to plan your inventory with more precision and make more accurate prediction

Measure your products'

performances based users' interactions 

 Plan better your inventory resulting in reducing wastage and unsold inventory costs.

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